The remit of local authority cultural services is wide; ranging from facilities and open spaces, health improvement, arts and creative industries to economic development through tourism development. In order to enable a focus on key areas, and in recognition that chief officers have varying experience and expertise in different areas, cCLOA has established an advisory panel from across the membership with a range of specific skills and specialisms.

The aim of the panel is to research and gather information from the sector, both from cCLOA members and other agencies. The panel then considers this information and develop a cCLOA response, which is effectively a cCLOA position on the area or issue concerned.

The panel is also a way to bring together case studies and good practice examples to support the cCLOA position and maximise advocacy.  This work then, in turn, supports the cCLOA Executive when they are engaging with national government and sector agencies.

Panel members can be called upon to inform the LGA Culture, Tourism and Sport Board through updates for board meetings.

For cCLOA members, contributing to a panel means committing time to research and consideration of key issues. But it also offers the opportunity to shape and inform the cCLOA response nationally to the key issues in our sector.