Sport England - Strategy Development

Sport England has launched their new strategy to tackle inactivity;cCLOA has been involved in helping to shape the approach and will continue to challenge on what we consider to be critical issues moving forward.

Towards an Active Nation, the strategy for 2016-2021, sets out how Sport England will deliver against the five health, social and economic outcomes set out in the Government’s Sporting Future strategy.  There is a clear focus on tackling inactivity and a commitment to spend £250 million over four years.  Key points include:

  • 25% of funds going specifically on addressing inactivity, as this is where future social and economic gains are greatest.
  • There will be a much greater emphasis on groups who are typically much less active such as women, disabled people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • An expanded remit to work with children over the age of 5 alongside the recognition that extra-curricular activities needs to be coordinated to compliment activity offered by schools.
  • Investment for the already active will continue but, working closely with governing bodies of sport, the emphasis will be on sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  • Building capacity in the sector to service digital expectations and needs.
  • Working to foster strong local collaborations and partnerships, including working with organisations from the private and charitable sectors.
  • Investing up to £30m in a new volunteering strategy, enabling more people to get the benefits of volunteering and attract a new, more diverse range of volunteers.
  • Investing more in innovation (20% of Sport England funds will go into this area). Sport England will be piloting new ways of working locally by investing in up to 10 places in England – a mix of urban and rural areas.

There’s a simplified approach to funding and the number of investment programmes have been reduced down to seven.

cCLOA welcomes Sport England’s new Strategy and Chair, Mark Allman said  “We particularly welcome the recognition of the importance of working locally to address high levels of physical inactivity and increase the number of active people. The value of taking part in Sport and being active in improving physical and mental wellbeing is well documented, but much more needs to be done. cCLOA firmly believes that many local councils, working together with their local and national partners, can support the step change that is required to getting our nation more active as a whole”.

Previously cCLOA involvement in helping to shape the strategic approach to sport at a National level has included the following activities;

• Engagement with Sport England directly in the development of the DCMS Youth Sport Strategy Creating a sporting habit for life, embedding the role of LA's as brokers between national programmes and local delivery.

• Building strong relationships with Sport England, the LGA and Government; highlighting the potential funding opportunities that can be accessed through Health and Well-being Boards and Children's Partnerships.

• Influencing directly the skills and training landscape by being engaged with Sport protocol and employers leadership group (SPELG). cCLOA are now also represented on Skills Active Board with the aim of further influencing future policy in this area.

• Demonstrating how sport can improve social outcomes via production of case studies.

• Engagement with key NGB’s: 

  • cCLOA have been asked by the ASA to sit on the national operators group, to help them better understand decision making with the local authority environment.
  • Input through the National Governing Bodies development director's forum, to help embed NGB whole sport plans locally. You can read more about the recent discussions with Sport England and National Governing Bodies here.