Planning for culture and sporting opportunities

Working in partnership with The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) cCLOA jointly delivered a series of regional seminars for local authority planning, cultural and leisure officers to disseminate the good practice planning guide on planning for culture and sport.  


The Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Asociation and The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) jointly delivered a series of four regional seminars for local authority planning, cultural and leisure officers.

The purpose of the seminars was to disseminate the good practice planning guide on planning for culture and sport, for good local examples to be presented, and to allow for sharing and exchange of skills and knowledge among planners and cultural/ leisure officers in the regions, as well as others from the private and voluntary sectors.


The National Planning Policy Framework sets out policies on delivering sustainable development in the planning system and draws particular attention to the provision of physical, social, cultural, heritage, environmental and sporting facilities and opportunities, and promoting collaborative working with key delivery partners. As a Core Planning Principle, it states that planning should take account of and support local strategies to improve health, social and cultural well-being for all, and deliver sufficient community and cultural facilities and services to meet local needs’.


You can view the presentations from all four seminars on the TCPA website


Improving culture, arts and sporting opportunities through planning provides an authoritative, although not exhaustive, resource for planners and culture and sport practitioners in England. It is designed to enable them to plan effectively for culture, arts and sport through the planning system, and it demonstrates the art of the possible in using the planning system as a means of achieving local priorities. The guidance is non-statutory, but is supported by organisations from across the culture, arts, sport and planning sectors, and its adoption within the planning process is encouraged.

The guide will help local authority planners and culture and leisure officers to meet the national requirement to identify and positively plan for improved opportunities in cultural, sport and leisure provision – both within Local Plan policies and in making planning decisions.

Additionally, the Arts Council and The National Archives have supported the creation of a series of case studies Regenerating places and communities through culture that highlight how archives, libraries, museums and arts venues can enhance localities in a host of ways; by creating landmark buildings to showcase important  collections, offering new facilities and activities to benefit the community, supporting the visitor economy, and creating a strong sense of place and a focus for a positive expression of local identity. 

The Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit (CSPT) is an online resource to help practitioners involved in planning for housing growth and regeneration to deliver cultural and sporting infrastructure. The guide complements the CSPT, which contains further resources, information and case studies. The CSPT will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the information, advice and resources it offers are kept up to date and reflect current policy.  You can access the CSPT website here.