Sue Cheriton - Torbay Council

Sue Cheriton''Being an active member of the cCLOA Executive over the last few years have helped raise the profile of the public sector in the South West as well as my own authority.

cCLOA allows you the time, space and the opportunity to debate the bigger issues affecting the sector which can be lost for authorities like mine, so from the seat of power at Westminster".

"In my time with cCLOA I have participated in national pilot schemes for libraries and strategic commissioning, which have not only helped my own personal development but that of my authority. cCLOA gives its members the opportunity to have a voice on strategic policy development at a very early stage and has demonstrated cCLOA can shape the future through its links at all levels of government.''

Sue Cheriton - Executive Head for Residents & Visitor Services, Torbay Council