Neil Anthony - St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Neil Anthony"I have found that being a Member of cCLOA enables me to keep in touch with the key issues impacting on our industry.

Of greatest value is the opportunity to discuss with colleagues how they are tackling and taking forward those key issues – there is always someone who you can talk through a specific area of concern with or piece of work that you are seeking to progress.

Membership of cCLOA also gives the opportunity for you to have your thoughts, ideas and proposals discussed and communicated to decision makers in Government and beyond and to influence the direction of the industry.

Attending meetings and getting involved also gives you time to reflect on the services you run and returning invigorated to take them to the next stage."

Neil Anthony, Head of Leisure Services, St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Roger Pontefract - Sefton MBC

Roger Pontefract"During my 40 years in the industry, our sector has never faced a more challenging time; or one which also offers so many opportunities. Within this context the need for shared learning, information exchange, and partnership working has never been greater.

cCLOA is the acknowledged strategic leader for senior managers in the sector. I would therefore urge you to join, and to work with others, to help both protect and develop the wonderful services we have all worked so hard to build over so many years."

Roger Pontefract, formerly Strategic Director of Social and Community Services in Sefton MBC

Nigel Lynn - Arun District Council

Nigel Lynn"I have found my membership of cCLOA invaluable as I went through the management grades from Leisure Officer to Chief Executive using the knowledge and networking opportunities which were available through cCLOA.

If I ever had a problem, needed advice or mentoring, there was always someone within cCLOA to help me through the issue. Also, cCLOA is instrumental in advising Government departments and officers about key areas of culture and sport. Providing this knowledge to key officers helps advise Government to move culture and sport forward in a positive way. I would strongly recommend joining cCLOA if you haven't already".

Nigel Lynn - Chief Executive of Arun District Council

Sue Cheriton - Torbay Council

Sue Cheriton''Being an active member of the cCLOA Executive over the last few years have helped raise the profile of the public sector in the South West as well as my own authority.

cCLOA allows you the time, space and the opportunity to debate the bigger issues affecting the sector which can be lost for authorities like mine, so from the seat of power at Westminster".

"In my time with cCLOA I have participated in national pilot schemes for libraries and strategic commissioning, which have not only helped my own personal development but that of my authority. cCLOA gives its members the opportunity to have a voice on strategic policy development at a very early stage and has demonstrated cCLOA can shape the future through its links at all levels of government.''

Sue Cheriton - Executive Head for Residents & Visitor Services, Torbay Council

Sharon Lea - Birmingham City Council

Sharon Lea"As a strategic director for a world class city like Birmingham, I am clear about the challenges and complexities that face us in local government today. As professionals delivering in a complex environment, we need to be able to deliver to increased expectations with diminished resources.

Organisations like cCLOA that allow us to network, share best practice, and learn from each other, provide a critical environment for promoting excellence for our citizens. I am proud to be a member and urge you to engage with us in the important national debates."

Sharon Lea - Strategic Director, Environment and Culture - Birmingham City Council