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Meet our Partners

Learn more about our experience partners by clicking their name below.

Ian Brooke

Chair of Local Government Physical Activity Partnership
Oxford City Council - Head of Community Services

Paul O’Brien

Vice Chair of the Local Government Physical Activity Partnership
Chief Executive at Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE)

Steve Scales

Director of Membership and Sector Development

Nigel Harrison

Active Partnerships
Chief Ex. Yorkshire Sport and CEO Active Partnerships

Ian Fytche

District Council Network
Chief Executive North Kesteven District Council and District Council Network

Kirsty Cummings

Chief Executive Officer at Community Leisure UK

Chris Perks

Sport England
Executive Director of Local Delivery

Ruth Alleyne

Sport England
Strategic Lead Local Government at Sport England

Kevin Mills

Sport England
Director of Capital Investment

Rob Bailey

Principal Advisor, APSE

Ian Leete

Local Government Association
Senior Adviser - Culture, Tourism and Sport at Local Government Association

Samantha Ramanah

Local Government Association
Adviser at Local Government Association

Mark Allman

Leader in sport and leisure services and Hon Secretary Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association

Julie Russell

Service Director, Arts, Culture and Leisure at Wakefield Metropolitan District Council and Vice Chair of CLOA

Heidi Bellamy

Policy Development & Business Manager for the Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association
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