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Our Focus

1) Developing and expanding our work on securing the future of public sport and leisure service report. Focusing on key recommendations, including identifying ways to make public sport and leisure services sustainable, to realise its potential to contribute to and deliver on health and inequalities and wider policy objectives like decarbonisation.

2) Addressing climate change, addressing the need to redesign and reshape our current leisure and cultural facility stock. Ageing leisure assets make a significant contribution to carbon emissions, investment in decarbonising assets can help to meet net-zero targets and reduce running costs in the longer term. Providing more opportunities for people to engage in sport and physical activity in a carbon friendly way to support the Governments health agenda.

3) Leadership development and upskilling the sector, understanding systems and the role of public leisure should not just be about leaders. The whole workforces should understand their role within the system, including shared language, agreed evidence base and clear outcomes aligned to local health priorities. Working in partnership with CIMPSA and investing in leadership and skills development in leisure and health partners, as well the workforce needed to develop the services that communities want and need and to support collaboration and drive integration.

4) Addressing the wider role of physical activity, leading the change for place-based approach, health prevention, health economics, social value, workplace health, our role within social prescription and building back better from COVID19. Plus, supporting the work of Sport England and Office of Health Improvement and Disparities and the role of Active Partnerships.

5) Understanding the Integrated Care System, and the role of public physical activity service provision within the system. Integrating public sport and leisure services more closely with health systems and public health teams. Developing and building on relationships with health partners so that public sport and leisure services are seen as a key strategic and delivery partner.

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