Membership of CLOA is open to all strategic leaders working in the public sector environment, and who hold cross-sector managerial responsibility for a range of culture and leisure services.

Be part of this important network. As a member of CLOA you will have the opportunity to influence new developments and their impact on your organisation and working environment.

CLOA works closely with central government and key national organisations to influence the development of national policies and to lobby for positive change. It is also a founder and leading member of the National Culture Forum

The Association is not only important in its own right, but acts as the hub for many of the influential professional organisations working in the leisure and cultural industry. It provides a unique vehicle for cross-fertilisation of ideas towards common goals and plays an important part in delivering a key agenda – a more equal and just society, providing its citizens with high quality opportunities for cultural and leisure that contribute significantly to quality of life.

CLOA is the only Association established to exclusively represent strategic leaders managing public sector cultural, tourism and sport services.