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The LGA’s mission is to support, promote and improve local government. This is informed and shaped by intelligence and input from local councils.

LGA is a key partner for CLOA and the association advises LGA’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Board.

Professional networks, such as CLOA are crucial in connecting the LGA’s political leadership with wider feedback and advising on policy developments.

CLOA has a set of advisory panels in order to achieve this and your case studies help us ensure that the LGA is well equipped to briefMinisters and lobby on behalf of the sector.

Future dates for the Culture, Tourism & Sport Board meetings are set out below:

Meeting date
 Wednesday 12th June 2019 – Local Government House

Details of the Culture, Tourism & Sport Board membership, minutes and agendas can be viewed here.

Papers Submitted

You can read past papers submitted for consideration by the Culture, Tourism and Sport Board below:

CTS Board meeting 16 September 2014 here – Two examples of service transformation; covering integration of the library service with other services in Redbridge and how the sport and leisure offer in Leeds is being extended to adult social care clients through co-location.

CTS Board meeting 25 November 2013 here – Examples of how councils are involving communities and working with partners to plan for local commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War in 2014.

CTS Board meeting 16 January 2013 here – Three case studies from CLOA members that demonstrate best practice between local government and national governing bodies in terms of working together to drive up participation in sport.

CTS Board meeting 21 November 2012 here – This paper features three case studies that demonstrate the contribution of heritage to growth and the visitor economy.

CTS Board meeting 10 September 2012 here – The case studies in this report demonstrate how councils are supporting the visitor economy to generate jobs and growth.

CTS Board meeting 23 May 2012 here – This report seeks to provide an update on the changing role of local government in supporting sport and offer an insight into how local authorities will be achieving a sporting legacy from the Olympic & Paralympic Games.


CLOA worked closely with the Improvement & Development Agency (I&DeA), now Local Government Improvement and Development (LGID) especially on the improvement agenda.

CLOA has helped to design and promote the use of sector tools such as:

Outcomes Framework for Culture and Sport –   LGA and CLOA have launched an updated version of the highly valued Local Outcomes Framework for culture and sport, an on-line tool which helps councils and partners to evidence the difference culture and sport services makes and their contribution to local priorities.  The framework reflects the latest policy developments and you can download a new fact sheet about how to get the most out of the tool here.

Engaging in commissioning is a practical resource pack jointly produced by the LGA, CLOA, Sport England and the Arts Council. It aims to help the sector engage with other public services through commissioning, to bring sport and culture to more people and contribute to better outcomes for individuals and communities. The resources have been informed by the practical experience of councils and cultural sector organisations and distil the lessons learned. There is a self-assessment guide to help you assess where you are and a step by step guide to help you plan your approach.

The Culture and Sport Improvement Toolkit (CSIT) has been specifically designed for and by the culture, sport, green space and tourism sectors. The toolkit has recently been updated making it simpler and more flexible and with the aim of helping public sector bodies and their partners survive in challenging times.

CLOA is able to help identify peers and consultancy support for those wishing to using the various approaches and tools.