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Improving culture, arts and sporting opportunities through planning

In recent years culture, arts and sport have been widely used to drive regeneration, build cohesive communities and change the way that places are perceived.  Major cultural projects have been used successfully to boost economic development & regeneration and increase community cohesion. However, smaller-scale initiatives, such as a local community helping to design and look after a play area, commission a public art project, or rejuvenate a library, can also play a significant role.

CLOA have been working with The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) and other partners to develop a non-statutory planning guide in response to the new planning framework to better help illustrate these positive planning outcomes.

About the good practice guide

Working creatively within the National Planning Policy Framework, and building on the new core planning principle supporting health, social and cultural well-being, a positive approach to planning can help to promote economic prosperity, health and well-being and build safe, vibrant and cohesive communities.

Improving culture, arts and sporting opportunities through planning provides an authoritative, although not exhaustive, resource for planners and culture and sport practitioners in England. It is designed to enable them to plan effectively for culture, arts and sport through the planning system, and it demonstrates the art of the possible in using the planning system as a means of achieving local priorities. The guidance is non-statutory, but is supported by organisations from across the culture, arts, sport and planning sectors, and its adoption within the planning process is encouraged.

The guide will help local authority planners and culture and leisure officers to meet the national requirement to identify and positively plan for improved opportunities in cultural, sport and leisure provision – both within Local Plan policies and in making planning decisions.

The Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit

The Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit (CSPT) is an online resource to help practitioners involved in planning for housing growth and regeneration to deliver cultural and sporting infrastructure. The guide complements the CSPT, which contains further resources, information and case studies. The CSPT will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the information, advice and resources it offers are kept up to date and reflect current policy.  You can access the CSPT website here.

Why it is important to you

Vincent Paliczka, CLOA Executive Committee member and Director of Environment, Culture and Communities at Bracknell Forest Council, said:

“Good Local Planning Authorities should already have in place the skills and knowledge to create adequate built and spatial environments for communities to live and businesses to operate.  However, great Local Planning Authorities know they must do more than create a place where people merely survive or endure – our towns and cities must be places where all people can thrive and businesses can truly prosper.  Creating a sense of place must be one of the key overarching design objectives that Local Planning Authorities should embrace and it is abundantly evident that cultural opportunities are inherent in achieving this.  This guide is intended to be of practical help to planning colleagues in creating a sense of place in the communities of the future, and CLOA urges them to seize the opportunity afforded by this excellent guide”