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Arts Council England champion, develop and invest in experiences that enrich people’s lives through supporting activities across the arts, museums and libraries 

Despite shrinking budgets, Local Authorities continue to find innovative ways to support local arts and culture. Arts Council England works in partnership with Local Authorities to help ensure culture is successful and sustainable.

CLOA was involved in a number of strategic roundtable consultation exercises during the development of Let’s Create, the new strategy for 2020-30 that will aim to transform England into a truly creative nation in which every one can play a part. CLOA also submitted a formal response to the consultation on behalf of the membership, which you can read here.

The investment principles for the next ten years give equal prominence to inclusivity and relevance alongside ambition and artistic quality.   There are also plans to encourage individual creativity, support local cultural activities and encourage world-leading innovation in the sector by demonstrating an appetite for risk and tolerance for failure.

Previously we contributed to the ACE sector-support mapping exercise and have been holding meetings to explore funding opportunities around the leadership agenda.